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This page provides links to materials to help you revise general ICT topics.
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En Garde game!

New!En Garde game
GCSE Challenge
Grade or No Grade
GCSE Challenge
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BBC Bitesize
BBC Bitesize
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The Big ICT gameOpens in a new window
Internet link
Teach-ICT notesOpens in a new window
Internet link
Revision quizzesOpens in a new window quiz
ICTGCSE quizOpens in a new window
Revise all the key ICT topics online. Penalty Shootout game covering whole curriculum. Extensive GCSE ICT notes - ideal for revision. Revision self-test quizzes for GCSE ICT students. Online quiz database - how high can you score?
Smash the PC
Smash the PC
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Practice questionsOpens in a new window
ICT Terminology challenge - can you smash the PC?   Extremely useful and extensive ICT practice questions. 40 minute online test from the marvellous Didcot Grammar.  

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