Microsoft Word
Wordprocessing software


How much can you remember?

You have worked through a lot of material during this lesson.  It is important you can remember all of it!  Look through the checklist below and tick off the things you feel confident about.



I understand how to add text to a document.

I can change the font, colour and style of text.

I can align text and understand terms like 'justification'.

I can insert images, both clipart and internet pictures.

I understand when it is best to use Wordprocessing.
More advanced

I know how to use 'find and replace'.

I can add and make effective use of tables.

I can make text flow around a graphic or object.
The important question

I feel confident that I could use Word for my own work.

Not all ticked? You should look back at the information or task pages again.

The assessment

Confident?  You are now going to test your skills.  In this multiple choice test you will get 10 randomly chosen questions about Microsoft Word and wordprocessing.  You have to get 100%.

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