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As before, close any open Publisher documents.  Right click and save the file below.


1. Open the document - double click on the file you downloaded.  You should see a partially complete sports club newsletter. Change the page layout to make the page appear in "landscape".

2. The newsletter needs to have three pages, each covering a specific sport as mentioned (if incorrectly spelt) in the title.  You need to sort out the presentation and then create new pages that retain the same style.  Correct the spelling and presentation of the title Word Art.  Remember the newsletter may be photocopied in black and white.

3. Create three separate text boxes for the existing text and link them together.  If you are feeling confident, try rotating and resizing the text boxes to create more interesting effects.  Can you add shadows?

4. Use clip art again - try to find two appropriate images to add onto the page.  Remember Publisher is an American program, so you may need to search for football under another name!  Right-click on each clip art image you have inserted and change the colours.  Make each image grey or grey-scale.

5. In Publisher, you can easily duplicate an existing page to retain the style and look.  Click on "Insert" and "Page".  Look carefully and you will easily be able to insert two more pages that duplicate what you have on the current page.

6. Look over your newsletter.  Change and improve the subtitles so each page covers Football, Hockey and Netball.  Edit and insert more appropriate images for the later pages.  Add in any additional features that you think might improve the presentation.

7. Finally, add a graphical page border.  It is important that you create something that is interesting, but nothing too overpowering!  Explore the options by drawing a box near the inside edge of your page.  Use the "line / border style" button and follow the options to add more styles or lines.  Click on "border art" and see what you can do.

All done?
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