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Close any open Publisher documents.  Right click and save the file below.


1. Open the document - double click on the file you downloaded.  As with the previous task, part of the work has been done for you.

2. You have a Guardian newspaper report - but it needs to be improved.  Firstly highlight the article text and make everything the same font - try to use "Verdana".

3. All the text is in one textbox that is too full.  Create a new text box and link it to the current one.  You need to use the text box link button:

4. You should now have two text boxes.  The next step is to resize the boxes and create columns of writing.  Resize the two text boxes so they are side by side, covering the entire page underneath the title.  Your page should look similar to:

5. You now need to select the text and use the "Columns" button to force each text box to use two columns.  This will create a newspaper-style page containing four columns.

6. Using the skills from the previous task, now insert two images - either from clip-art or from the Internet - into the article.  The trick this time is to wrap the text around each picture.  You need to edit the "text wrapping" properties of the images.

All done?
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