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To complete this lesson properly you need to run Microsoft Publisher alongside your web browser.  Load Microsoft Publisher now and then click back to view these instructions.

Publisher basics - "buttons and boxes"

1. Close all the wizards or help boxes that appear when you load Publisher. Click on 'exit catalog' or close the boxes. All you need is a blank page as shown below:

2. Whichever version of Publisher you are using, you need to use the menu buttons to help you create your publications.  Look at the buttons below and find them on the left hand side of your Publisher screen.

Don't worry if yours look slightly different - it just depends on which version of Publisher you are using.

3. To complete this lesson, you need to know about and use all these buttons.  The main ones to use are the Textbox button and the Word Art button.  These have been highlighted in the diagram above.

4. Click on the textbox button.  Draw a box as wide as the page and about a third of the way down.  Type some text in - try your name!

5. You have already mastered the text box.  Every time you want to add normal text, just draw a box and type in in.  If you look at your Publisher screen you can use the options at the top to change the way your writing looks - either by changing the colour, the font or the style.  Try putting your name in four different ways.

6. Finally - the WordArt button.  Lots of people use this too much.  It creates graphical text that includes more colours, funky formatting or wacky presentation.  Click on the WordArt button and draw another box.

7. This gets a bit more complicated as a pop-up box appears.  Don't worry though - select the options you want and then type in the text. Experiment and try your name again.  See if you can make your text look like this:

Word Art example


I'm ready for the tasks

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