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To complete this lesson properly you need to run Microsoft PowerPoint alongside your web browser.  Load Microsoft PowerPoint now and then click back to view these instructions.

Publisher basics - "Slides and boxes"

1. Close all the wizards or help boxes that appear when you load PowerPoint. All you need is a blank slide ready to work on, as shown below (your screen may look slightly different, depending on which version of PowerPoint you are using):


2. Whichever version of PowerPoint you are using, you will need to use similar buttons and commands.  If you have worked with other Office programs before, you will recognise most buttons instantly.  Two areas unique to PowerPoint are the "View" toolbar and teh "New Slide button".  Find them in your version of PowerPoint.


3. To complete this lesson, you need to know about and use all these buttons.  In the three task you are asked to do, you need to know the basics of PowerPoint.  You should be able to use a Textbox, add in Word Art and insert a new slide.

4. Before you can write anything in PowerPoint, you have to create a box to write it - called a Textbox.  Click on the Textbox button and draw a box as wide as the screen and let go.

5. However high you made your Textbox, it always snaps back to one line high - it expands as you type, so don't worry!  Type your name into the box and try to centre it.

6. Just as it is simple to create standard text, it is just as simple to create WordArt.  As you may have already done in the Word or Publisher lesson, you click on the WordArt button and draw a box for your text to appear.  Do this and type your name in again.

7. PowerPoint is all about 'slides' - these are separate screens that are shown one after another.  If you put together a series of slides, you have a 'slideshow'.

8. Your first slide should have your name written in normal text and in WordArt.  If this was all you wanted on the first slide, you simply press the 'new slide' button to create a new slide.  Do so now.

9. It looks as if you have lost your work - but don't worry.  If you pressed the correct button, all you have done is create a new blank slide.  Create a text box and add some text.  Perhaps explain how you get to school each day.

10. You now have a very basic slideshow.  The tasks you need to complete are going to help you learn more complicated skills, but you have just covered the basics.  Press 'Slideshow' and then 'View Show' to view your presentation.

11.  There are lots of ways to do the same thing in PowerPoint.  Can you spot a quick way to view your entire slideshow?

I'm ready for the tasks

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