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You have three tasks to complete.  As you work through the task you will develop your Excel skills.  Many people find Excel tricky to use, but as you work through these challenging activities you'll soon be excelling!

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 Task  Requirements
1. Sweets  Complete basic calculations.
 Add in formulas.
 Develop understanding of "computer modelling".
2. Pocket money  Create own spreadsheet.
 Use formulas and functions.
 Add in data and explain results.
 Use autofill feature
 Develop your own "computer model".
3. Record store  Create accounts spreadsheet.
 Understand and use cell and number formatting.
 Use formulas, functions and cell references.
 Use charts to illustrate data.
 Use colours to indicate profit and loss.
 Begin to use "IF" statement.

Only when you have completed all the tasks about should you continue on.



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