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KS5 ICT (Post 16)

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This section will grow and develop as I put additional materials online. I thought it was best to make these materials public so others can make use of them!


You can access the AS section, designed for AQA AS ICT1 and AS ICT2 by going to A similar A2 section will appear eventually at

AS and A2 games I'm also going to be updating the main games search page with additional games and quizzes to support Post-16 topics. Ideal for a quick starter, plenary or knowledge refresh. If you wish to contribute additional topics, please let me know.

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This site is designed to complement existing fantastic teacher-created materials on the internet, so make sure you don't miss: AS and A2 Materials

FatMax - brilliant for AQA materials - materials for AQA ICT

Internet link King John School Post-16 materials

Internet link

Internet link

Internet link ICT topics in a nutshell

Internet link

BBC Technology News

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