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This session covers the creation of a drag-and-drop exercise. You will be able to experiment with some examples and then create your own!

Question doctorWhat is a drag-and-drop exercise?

Explore a few online examples and then learn how to develop your own:

Mr Field's examples:
Drag and drop solider [Creation time - 15 minutes maximum]
Impact of World War I [Creation time - 30 minutes (but easily adapted in seconds)]
1932 Election promises [Creation time - 1 hour + (more complex usage)]

External examples:
Just for fun map game
Learn your colours!
Erupting volcano


Explore all these tutorials for some great ideas.

Basic drag and drop (
More advanced drag and drop (
Drag and drop to target (
Drag 'n Drop (
FlashBible Drag and Drop - older but good! (
Drag and Drop developed - more complex (Swinburn University of Technology)

Task [time allowed: 30 minutes]

Using just the tutorials and any files provided below (optional) create your own Flash drag-and-drop exercise!

Files to download

Soldier.fla - this is a simple drag-and-drop exercise.


Explore examples of drag-and-drop exercises and develop your own version!

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