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FireworksThis section provides our guide to using Fireworks, together with links to additional useful resources on the internet. The guide below is one I've put together to help teachers, but I will upload an improved on very soon.

Please feel free to make suggestions for improvement guide to Fireworks

FlashPaper link
In depth introductory guide to using Macromedia Fireworks. Includes guidance and tasks to help explore and learn a range of graphical effects. An ideal way to learn more about Fireworks.

Creating a logo in Fireworks

FlashPaper link
Two page introductory guide to using Macromedia Fireworks. Designed for students studying the Year 7 Unit 3 lesson when they have to create their own logo. Can be used for anything though

Keytools for using Fireworks

Internet link
Image (that could be printed out) showing what all the different tools within the Macromedia Fireworks side toolbar do. Experiment away and explore some new features!

BBC Technology News

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